This section includes a series of spreadsheets on the details of my rides outlined by day and month. Also included are spreadsheets for my volunteer work and travel plans.

About 100 Mile Club

Although I've been cycling seriously for over 30 years, I hadn't ridden 100 miles in a single day until 2014. Kinda surprising actually, but I just never had that distance as a goal. I've been more involved in multi-day touring and distances have been focused on reaching destinations; usually within 50 miles.

Country Cycling
But now most of my rides are "day rides" where I generally set out for the entire day doing some sort of loop through the countryside. Obviously enough, I call this "Country Cycling". I don't worry about my speed; I just go somewhere and then come back home.

I made four rides at 100 miles (or more) in that fateful year of 2014, and I officially started my 100 Mile Club in earnest in 2015. I'm rather proud to see that each year the number of "Hundred Milers" continues to grow. Check it out below:

In 2016 I started yet another category for my riding; "Solitaires". Check out that data [ here ].

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