This section includes a series of spreadsheets on the details of my rides outlined by day and month. Also included are spreadsheets for my volunteer work and travel plans.

2017 Cycling Totals

Despite not reaching any of my primary goals of 8,000 miles, 150 rides, and 15 centuries - it has been an amazing year of cycling for me.

I had three big months of over 900 miles (April, May, & August) along with several 700 to 800 mile months (March, June, & July) and I've somehow managed a rather respectable average of 65 miles per ride for the year. To be perfectly honest; it's not anything I even thought about achieving.

So it's mid-December now and at this point I've more or less decided to take the remainder of the month off. I didn't cycle during December of 2016 and loved it. I think having a month away from the bike helps motivate me for the following year. (Just a hunch, but it feels right...)

And if that's not enough...
I'm sure I spend more time fiddling with spreadsheets and compiling useless numbers than what many would regard as practical, but if you're hankerin' fer more... I've got the details of every ride, from every month, for the entire year - just for you to ponder. WooHoo!

A breakdown of goals:
I find the total number of days I cycled this year to be very surprising. I thought too that I was set to I'd reach 8,000 miles. And I was pretty close to 15 centuries. A good year; but unusual numbers.

I want to do better in 2018.

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